Freedom Protocol

Freedom Protocol - DAO Partner Program

FP-DAO Partner
Once staking 300 USDT, you can apply for FP-DAO partnership, with an unlimited number of partners, and enjoy the following benefits.
  • After claiming 500 $Free001, please confirm your team structure of FP-DAO before $FREE listing (FP-DAO binding relations will be confirmed once you send at least 1 $Free001 to addresses never with $Free001 before).
  • Once having invited at least 10 IDO participants, you have fulfilled partner tasks: your staked 300 USDT will be returned and you are eligible for extra $FREE purchase allocation worth 200 USDT; and you will be granted an NFT of Medal of Freedom (transferrable to others), with which you will enjoy FP dividends.
  • If the task is not completed at the end of IDO, 300U will not be refunded.
  • FP-DAO plan start and end time please pay attention to the official website.
  • Dividend: 5% of every sell trades fee will become dividends distributed to all addresses holding NFT of Medal of Freedom.